Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mentor Needed, Apply Within

“Mentor: Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight”

Guide needed for socially misguided youth who needs help figuring out humans as social beings. Pay?: "It's own reward"?


I lag behind when it comes to social situations. I can relate to Socially Awkward Penguin way too often. I'm introverted so I know I will never really be a socialite. That's not what I want to be anyway; I only need to at least learn how to react in common social situations, right?

I lived in isolated environments for most of my life, which I assume helped to form my personality. I grew to love it even though it lead to less social interactions than I probably needed when I was younger. Social interactions that, might I add, can teach you certain things.

I realized recently that I'm the youngest person on the main staff at my work place. In many situations there's a generation gap but there's a little something else. A level of social interaction that I missed the lesson on, constantly reaffirming my naivete.

Which Button Makes Me Social?

I never had somebody that I really wanted to be like at any point in my life; I had nobody to emulate. I thrust myself into social situations and hope I figure out how to swim. Luckily, I float along but there's always some key I'm missing. A key that I'm sure one can't figure out on their own.

I've had to socialize myself, pretty much. I picked and chose stray parts for my enigma of a personality from experiences I never quite got right or things I saw on tv. I have no strict personal code. I'm way too tolerant of everything. I let little things get to me. And don't get me started on this concept of amorous love. I'm not completely sure what I stand for and you know where that leads...

This Looks Like a Job For..

That's why I think I need some kind of guru to point me in the right direction. I'm relatively young and I know there are people older than me who've been past this. I'm seeking somebody to impart their hindsight. Applications are open. Seriously (kind of)... email on the about page

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But really... 


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