About Mind Leakings

The Curator:

Kyoudai - 兄弟 - Brother
The best Japanese translation I could find for the name "Jermaine"

The Email: 

The Blog:

Photography, film, music. An attempt at visual and auditory appeal held together with wise quotes and a sprinkle of my own thoughts. Have a look. You can probably relate; even once.

Posts have these labels:
Leaks - The themed label of Mind Leakings blog posts.
Mind State - posts to update readers on the status of the blog itself. I'll use it to explain blog themes, design choices and plans for the blog in general.
Drips - An attempt to appeal to empathy through words, visuals and music, "drips" are leaks consisting of photography, a related quote, my thoughts and music.
Dreams - What I love to see in a film I consider good is that it can be paused at any moment and you end up with a beautiful snapshot. "Dreams" will consist of short films or music videos in addition to my own thoughts.
Pipes - Similar to "drips" but with my thoughts funneled and made a little more organized forming a bit of poetry.
Telepathy - Leaks from a different mind via guest posts (coming soon).



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