Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Falling Skies

perseid meteor by ~erikschorr on deviantART

“I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps "Oh look at that!" Then- whoosh, and I'm gone...and they'll never see anything like it ever again... and they won't be able to forget me- ever.”
Jim Morrison

There'll be a meteor shower starting tomorrow night on Thursday, August 12th, going into the morning of Friday, August 13th. This summer's Perseids meteor shower. It'll be a crescent moon, but a small one so most of the light in the night sky should be from the stars. 

I hope it'll be visible from where I live here in the middle of Jamaica. The first and only time I observed a meteor shower was last December. The meteors weren't extremely frequent but it was great seeing the beautiful colours fly across the sky when you actually do spot one.

I'm hoping for a similar experience this time. The last meteor shower I stayed up for didn't really go the way I wanted. I didn't realize what a huge difference the frequency of meteors, weather conditions and location make. The Perseids shower is one of the highest frequency, albeit not as colourful, showers next to the Geminids in December so fingers crossed

Cheers to the sky falling....

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