Sunday, January 1, 2012

What's in the Box?!

I leave hidden messages for all of you followers.

Just a Band released another music video! It's actually a collaboration for BLNRB, a project between artistes from the Berlin and Nairobi music scene with the video made by Just a Band. 

The real story seems guarded by the creators but features a mysterious concealed object much like Pulp Fiction or Se7en. The female aggressor and the Chinese(?) fusion even seems Tarantino-esue. If anybody could provide a translation(please) maybe a bit more of the story could be revealed.

It's a few months old and they actually released one more since then but I've been playing it on repeat recently so why not feature it for this week's Soft Sweet Slow Song Sunday. Plus it was uploaded on my birthday last year so that was pretty awesome. Anyway, Happy New Year!

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