Sunday, July 18, 2010

Music Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed

"Music is the mediator between spiritual and sensual life"
Ludwig Van Beethoven

Close your eyes
Breathe deeply
In and out with the progression of the chords
Your lungs, the melody
The music, the air you breathe
Let the drums hit your eyelids
Feel them spasm to the beat
Your heart, the drums
The music, the blood you bleed
You, are the music you feel

Close your eyes
The music gives no highs
It gives besides
Beside this dimension
Where track for track the sounds become the soundtrack
The soundtrack to your emotions
Feel every instrument
Every synth’
Every reverb
The magic, sans potion

Close your eyes
Feel yourself be not you for a moment
For a moment the music is all that exists
Life mastered, remixed, dubbed, chopped and screwed
Each one a new you
Where the reality is warped and bent and sometimes broken
Each new you: free

Close your eyes
Feel the music
Your heartbeat the metronome,
Breathe the music
Your lungs playing the chords
Close your eyes
It makes the music sound better

now playing:
The Hood Internet x Mishka - TRILLWAVE by hoodinternet

Track list and download info HERE



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