Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mind State

I'll be using these "Mind State" posts to update readers on the status of the blog itself. I'll use it to explain blog themes, design choices and plans for the blog in general.

Posts have these labels:
Leaks - The themed label of Mind Leakings blog posts.
Mind State - Described above, will be updates on the blog itself.
Drips - An attempt to appeal to empathy through words, visuals and music, "drips" are leaks consisting of photography, a related quote, my thoughts and music.
Dreams - What I love to see in a film I consider good is that it can be paused at any moment and you end up with a beautiful snapshot. "Dreams" will consist of short films or music videos in addition to my own thoughts.
Pipes - Similar to "drips" but with my thoughts funneled and made a little more organized forming a bit of poetry.

Thanks for reading, feedback is always welcomed. ^_^

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