Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sticking with the Stones

I've recently come across a series of collaborations between artists Angus and Julia Stone and Australian filmmaker Kiku Ohe. The result of this collaboration is a set of beautiful videos for beautiful songs. They each play with light nicely,  tell a story in their own way and have an earthy tone which I always love.

Big Jet Plane is a video about a small town girl dreaming of flying away from her mundane situation as she works her lonely shift in a store. A simple but nicely executed concept. The song however seems to be about the singer promising an escape to someone... or the song could mean something else altogether ;).

Hold On appears to be a song about waiting for the admission of or some evidence of love to substantiate a relationship but never seeing it though it's seemingly promised.

The video however seems to show a couple slowly growing apart. It begins at the break of dawn after the stars fade with the couple walking side by side in a desert. They get physically farther and farther apart as the sun moves across the sky but they still walk together. The video then begins to focus on each individually as they transition from walking to running and by the sun sets they are no longer anywhere near each other and seemingly dying, alone.

And The Boys is actually the first of the three videos released but I think it would be more appropriate last. The lyrics and the video to an extent seem to speak of an ended relationship. The chorus says "and the boys go on and on..." which I believe refers to making promises and not keeping them and I believe the "gold" that's falling signifies value in the form of wisdom. Wisdom in recognizing what should have been seen in the past.

The video begins with a couple who seem to have recently had an argument. It eventually transitions to Julia Stone lying on a carpet with tears on her face as she sings. She slowly becomes surrounded by smoke travelling from one side. When the smoke begins to fade the visuals now appear to represent her thoughts as she levitates, floating farther and farther away. She floats slowly over road and water until smoke once again transports her to a field where people dance around her. She seems happier as "gold" falls around them, which is possibly a reflection of the past.

do you think these collabs turned out as nicely as I did?

a lot today huh?


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